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Harrison Lee, b. 1988,

Based in Los Angeles, California, USA

Harrison been involved with music since before he can remember and have always been attracted to music from an early age. Much of his adolesence was spent in youth music ensemble and taking private lessons. His mother was an active music teacher and encouraged him to compose throughout high-school which proved to be the seeds of his ambition in his post-secondary studies and his career in Los Angeles.

During college, Harrison had a number of mentors specializing in different genres. These ranged from jazz and contemporary, classical and conservatory music to avante-garde and music technology studies. He remained active in the music community joining a number of local bands and gigging across Alberta. Harrison found a strong love for electronica in his last years of studies and began collaborating with friend and fellow student Kurtis Schultz. Eventually the two released the album 'Secret Squares' under the same name. Since then, he has kept active outside of the scoring world releasing orignal electronica pieces and remixes.

After recieving his Bachelor's Degree in Music Composition, he was accepted to the University of Southern California's prestigious Scoring for Motion Picture and Television program. While attending, he learned numerous indispensible skills, honed his writing craft and made key contacts within the industry. Since graduating, he has enjoyed a mixed career of film, tv and video game scoring as well as technical consultation and support. 

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